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Is Our World A Prison Planet In The Matrix?

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Many of you may be wondering if Earth is a prison planet. In other words, is our reality an artificially created matrix that has imprisoned our consciousness for evil ends? If so, who created this matrix and why?

That’s what we’re going to find out now. The theory that our entire universe is simulated has been gaining popularity over the last 10-20 years. I believe that simulation theory does the best job of explaining the nature of our world. And overall, I see it as a good thing.

But some other people that believe just the opposite is true. In fact, they believe our simulation, also known as the matrix, is a holographic prison that was designed specifically with the purpose of trapping our consciousness. Perhaps the first real proponent of this idea to take it mainstream was David Icke.

Icke is a conspiracy researcher who has written over two dozen books and given hundreds of talks in the last 20 years about his findings. While a lot of what he states has merit, like his criticism of world governments and the monetary system, some of the things he says paint him out to be a crackpot – like the moon is actually a death star, certain people are shape-shifting reptilians, and Saturn isn’t what you think it is.

Now, I do believe anything is possible in a simulated world, so I never discount something offhand. Instead, I’ll research it and then come to my own conclusions.

One of the boldest claims Icke has made is that a powerful group known as the archons have taken over our world and enslaved us. They’ve done this by controlling and manipulating our world through influencing the most powerful people in it. They’ve effectively divided our world from a harmonious group into warring tribes and nations with people hell-bent on gaining money, power and status.

This has created a tremendous rift in the population and explains why the few came to rule the many. The archons thus turned our illusory world into a prison for the masses, where consciousness is made to suffer and feel endless amounts of fear.

Icke calls this false reality the time loop or matrix. While I don’t believe this scenario to be true, I want to look at it because we should explore all possibilities. Additionally, a lot of people, including those who leave comments on my videos, believe our simulated world is a prison planet. I understand how the negative conditions here on Earth foster such thinking, so it’s not unexpected. The difficulties we face in life make it easy to believe that this world is indeed a matrix of evil intent.

So let’s look at David Icke’s theory, and see if it holds any validity. In the end though, you will have to be the ultimate judge.

Icke believes that in the beginning, everything was just one. This is similar to the belief of many religions and myths, even kabbalah. God, the creator, or oneness – depending on what you prefer to call it – (and I’ll use all of those terms interchangeably in this post) for some reason, decided to create something separate from itself. Icke refers to this as imagination into form. The creator simply imagined the creation and it majestically came to be.

Although the creation was separated from God it was still part of God. But the separation caused the creation to feel isolated and alone. Tom Campbell calls the creation “a chip off the old block” – as that’s what it truly is.

In essence, the entire creation is God itself but somehow separate from that part of God which is not the creation, but the creator. I know this can sound confusing. But we’re talking about something that’s probably beyond our limited capacity as human beings to fully grasp.

Anyway, the illusion of separation caused untold fear in the creation, which then spiraled out of control. This is akin to a dream forgetting it’s the dreamer.

With this amnesia of the creation forgetting it is the creator, came terrible fear and a feeling of incompleteness. Due to this fear, the creation then manifested a virtual reality world where it could inhabit to forget about its fear.

Icke refers to this part of it as the time loop or the matrix. In the beginning, this virtual reality world wasn’t a good or bad thing – it was a neutral place. But why did the creation feel the need to manifest the time loop and hide in it?

Well, Icke believes it was a defense mechanism. Basically, the separated consciousness isolated in the creation was so scared that it needed a place where it could find comfort and familiarity.

So it created this virtual world, which is our universe, for itself to inhabit and find comfort in. If you think about it, in the near future people will be doing something similar. You may be wondering what I’m talking about. Well, have you heard about Oculus Rift?

In the near future, people will be using these virtual reality headsets to escape the problems of the world for the comfortable confines of a virtual one. I expect to see many more people do this, especially when the technology for it accelerates.

Now one thing about the “prison planet” theory I want to stress is that Icke does not explain how the creation manifested the time loop or when. All we know is that it did.

In this sense, it wasn’t God (the creator) who manifested the time loop, it was the piece of God (the creation or us) that thought itself separate. But since it is also part of God, we can, therefore, say that God (the creator) did create our time loop as well. I know, a little confusing.

The main thing to know is that the time loop was created out of a sense of fear, which could explain why there is so much strife in the world. If the world was born out of fear, it makes sense that fear dominates our existence. We all have it, whether we believe so or not.

At this point, I personally wonder why the creator did not step in and do something to ease the fear of the creation. But maybe it felt like it would interfere with the creation’s free will. I don’t think anyone can be certain as to the mind of God.
Now here’s the part of Icke’s theory that’s also a bit nebulous. In time, the matrix became a place of so much fear that the fear took on a life of its own. Out of this fear was born the archons.

The archons are an invisible force that have no empathy or compassion. They are very intelligent but their consciousness is similar to a reptile or cold artificial intelligence. They only care about one thing – their survival.

As the theory goes, the archons decided to take over the physical part of the matrix, the part we live in. They actually reside in a dimension just outside of our time loop, so we can’t see them unless they decide to enter our dimension, which they apparently do from time-to-time.

The archons were born out of fear and separated themselves from the consciousness residing in the time loop. The archons feed on fear for their survival and so wish to generate as much collective fear as possible within the time loop.

To do this, they’ve manipulated the time loop so that there is as much division, war, suffering and pain as possible. When looked at from a higher level, it’s basically fear feeding on fear – very similar to the way prisons work. Let me give you this analogy, which I think will make it clear.

In prison, all inmates live in fear of being hurt or killed every day. They have to be on constant alert of threats. Nobody can really trust anyone in prison. Everyone is fair game, even the shot-callers.

But most of the time, the strong prisoners pray upon the weaker prisoners and feed off their fear, which makes them feel superior. This metaphor describes our relationship with the archons.

The archons are the stronger prisoners and we’re the weaker ones. But I should state – they are stronger only if we allow them to. If we decide to override the system, then we can collectively defeat the archons. But that would take a unified planet and it’s not likely to happen any time soon.

To get back to it, the archons manipulated earth into a living hell. You’re probably familiar with all the parables of Earth being a paradise until Satan appeared. It’s interesting that nearly every culture and religion has an evil figure in it that is akin to Satan looking a bit reptilian.

Maybe they’re all trying to say the same thing? In Icke’s theory, the archons are synonymous with Satan. After the rise of the archons, Earth went from being a utopia for consciousness to a hostile environment filled with fear and uncertainty. This lines up with man’s fall from grace after Adam ate the apple in the garden of Eden.

Ultimately, we as consciousness became entrapped in the time loop, controlled by a labyrinth of self-deceit and coercion by the archons. The archons made sure the consciousness of the individuals who inhabit the time loop stay there. They did so by making them reincarnate back into the time loop after the death of their “so-called” physical body.

This is why people and spiritual adepts tell you not to go to the light immediately after you die. They believe it’s a trap for your consciousness. Remember, I largely disagree with Icke’s theory, but I always think it’s beneficial to look at the opposite side of the coin.

The archons, intelligent as they are, did a great job of infecting every avenue of society to create a perennial state of fear. Just look at the world today. Governments control us, religions guilt us and media influences us. We’re only shown what the big corporations and archons want us to see. Is it any wonder we have such a divided populace?

Perhaps this is the reason why so many people believe we are living on a prison planet. If we are indeed living in a matrix, it may be as Morpheus famously stated: “Unfortunately no one can be told what the matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.”

Many of us just believe this world is real and that’s the way things are. But if David Icke is right, we are being manipulated by forces just outside of our reality. In this sense, we cannot see the matrix for what it truly is unless we know how to use our consciousness to go outside of it.

I know many of you may be in awe and disbelief of this information. But even if you don’t believe a word of it, what kind of existence do we live in where rich people can buy lavish yachts and planes while many others literally sleep in the streets in destitute? No wonder so many people are despondent and depressed living here. It can be a sad place if you look at it from Icke’s perspective.

In this sense, the Matrix movies had it right when they used the metaphor of humans serving as batteries to the controlling AI computers. Except in Icke’s theory, the controllers are archons and not computers.

Though who knows, maybe they are a very advanced form of AI. Again, there are no certainties when trying to determine all of these facts.

Icke received most of his information from a few DMT trips he had in Brazil. In his altered state, a female voice explained the true nature of reality to him, which is basically this entire theory.

The voice said that infinite love is the only truth, everything else is illusion, which is why he titled that the name of his book. Another thing the voice said is that if it vibrates, it’s not real. Since everything is vibrating in our reality, such as atoms, sound waves, light waves, etc. – nothing is truly real.

Well, that’s David Icke’s prison planet or matrix theory. I hope you found it interesting – and it gives you some insight into why the world is so dysfunctional.

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