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How To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind For Unlimited Success

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In this post you’re going to learn how to get what you want by reprogramming your subconscious mind. I’ll go into detail on a formula that’s been working very well for me. I began using it before starting my youtube channel, and it’s really helped me to grow it quickly.

You’ve probably heard of subliminal programming. It’s been around since the 1950s and it’s still being used all the time in movies, commercials, TV programs, songs, and video games. However, most of the subliminals in these forms of media are there to control you towards an agenda that suits other people or companies. This agenda wants you to buy their products, consume their information and obey their authority.

But what if you could use subliminal programming to positive ends? To actually reprogram your mind to get the things you want most in life? That’s what I want to talk about in this blog post. I want to share with you the programming technique I use and how it works. You see no matter how much we try to change at the conscious level, the subconscious mind is way more powerful because it’s operating on a fixed program 24/7.

There’s so much information to impart on this subject, so I’ll try to be as efficient as possible going forward. As you may know, your subconscious mind is responsible for most of your daily habits, fears, beliefs, limitations and your successes – or lack of them.

This all comes as a result of it being a program that plays in your mind every second of the day and night. It’s really out of your control unless you take the bull by the horns and change it.

Most people fail, not because of a lack of effort, but because of the limits and fears in their subconscious mind. In my own life, I discovered this is absolutely true, so I’ve worked to change it through reprogramming my subconscious mind.

One of the most powerful ways I know to do this is through the use of subliminal programming. This means seeing words and images that are too fast for the conscious mind to process. These words and images reflect the goal you wish to achieve or the behavior you wish to form.

They involve custom words, phrases and images that you choose. This is accomplished on the screen of whichever device you watch, but a computer monitor works best.

This method also entails listening to binaural beats with verbal affirmations. Binaural beats basically entrain your brain waves into a more receptive state. The beats are usually combined with soothing music and listened to on headphones.

When the verbal affirmations are played with the music and beats, it forms a powerful trio that works wonders on its own. But when used with the words and images on screen, it’s almost unbeatable for the power it has to transform your life.

This is all completely safe. This is because you’re in control of all the words, images and affirmations you use. You’re simply using your conscious intent to reprogram your subconscious mind to achieve the results that you haven’t been getting in your life.

In case you’re wondering, verbal affirmations are positive, present-tense statements that reinforce or impress a goal into the subconscious mind. Such an example would be this: I am currently earning $10,000 per month from my online business. Or: I am in the best shape of my life and live in perfect health and harmony.

The affirmations are fine being general, but making them specific makes them more powerful. Mine are mainly specific, especially when I’m programming a new goal into my subconscious. By the way, if you have any questions about all this, just drop them in the comment section and I’ll try to get back to everyone.

Now, I found an easy and effective way to incorporate all three methods – words, images, and the music with verbal affirmations – through an app run on your computer. This allows you to work or chill on your computer while your subconscious mind is being reprogrammed, thus also saving time.

The app is called Subliminal360. This program allows you to flash customized words and images on your monitor while you use your computer. It also creates music with binaural beats and the custom verbal affirmations I mentioned. With Subliminal360 you can listen to the music from the program or even create an MP3 you can listen to on your phone.

For best effect, you should use headphones. If you spend the first 20 minutes of the day using the full scope of the program, words, music, and images, it won’t be long before you begin to see results. You can also play the music and affirmations while you sleep. Sometimes when I take a brief nap, I lay down with the headphones on and just let the music and affirmations run on a loop.

If you use the program every day without fail, you’ll be well on your way to reprogramming your subconscious mind. Real world results should manifest in as little as 2-3 weeks. You can program your mind to lose weight, gain confidence, earn more money – basically whatever you want.

I’m currently using Subliminal360 to reprogram my subconscious mind for success with this website and youtube channel. Pretty clever, right? So far it’s going very well. As of posting this article on this website (early August 2019), I’ve gained over 17,000 subscribers and a million views in just 2.5 months of posting regularly on youtube. And that’s just a part-time effort.

The link to the app is here – Subliminal360 – if you want to check it out. I must warn you it’s a paid app but I do believe they give you a year-long money back guarantee, which is the longest I’ve ever seen for a piece of software.

You may be able to find free apps as well. I personally don’t like to mess with free stuff, as you get what you pay for. I like quality and good software saves time in the long run, and time is priceless.
Alright, so that basically covers the main method I use to change my subconscious mind. The software is really a crucial part of it. The technology we have out today can really speed our level of evolution. Now I want to get into my three-pronged attack for facing any obstacle.

My Three-Pronged Formula For Success

My formula achieving what you want is a three-pronged attack or approach. I’ve used this exact formula in my own life to achieve great results over and over again. By using it, I’ve been able to work for myself over the past two decades, I’m in superb health, and I have everything I need.

I’ve used these success secrets to gain money, find the perfect mate, and even the ideal place to live. My point in telling you this is not to gloat but to give you evidence that it works.

In my opinion, whatever phase you are in life, you should always be working on one primary goal. My main goal right now is to grow the youtube channel for this website as large as possible. By doing so, I can help a lot of people along the spiritual path and create an additional income stream to live on.

To do that, my plan was and is to post high-quality videos abd blogs that aid people in better understanding the spiritual and mystical. So far it’s going very well and I hope it continues.

I just want you to know that I’ve never revealed the secrets I’m about to share until now. But I realize now that by helping other people, it helps them evolve and the entire system evolves with it. Really, we’re all netted. So, your success is my success and vice-versa.

You might be wondering what this three-prong attack or approach is. The first prong of attack is using trick intent. The second prong is conquering the subconscious mind by reprogramming it. We went over that a bit in the first part of this blog post. The third prong is consistent action. Put them all together and you have the ideal way to attain almost anything.

I say almost anything because achieving a goal beyond your current level of personal power is improbable. Nothing is truly impossible, but some things are improbable. We just need to be a bit realistic when we formulate our goals. Or at least, not make them too big that we feel discouraged if we’re only making small progress in the beginning.

If you’ve seen my other videos or blog posts, you know I believe the world is a simulation. I know that may go over the heads of some of you, but just roll with it for now please. This formula will work for you whether you believe in simulation theory or not.

Some people think they can crack the code of our simulation and hack it to achieve their goals. They call it a “cheat code”. That’s kind of what I’m doing with my formula. Except I’m not so much cracking the code as working in harmony with the rule set of the simulation.

With that said, let’s talk about the first prong, trick intent. What do I mean by that? Well, conscious intent is what everyone uses to achieve any worth-while goal. You decide on a goal and have a conscious intent to attain it, such as get a college degree or secure a particular job.

Sometimes you achieve your goal and sometimes you don’t – and most people are clueless why they fail or why they succeed.

Conscious intent is good. But what most people confuse is where the intent comes from. In order to be effective, intent must come from your being level. This means from inside you – your feelings, your emotions, your desires – basically your passion. If you try to achieve a goal from the intellect only, you won’t be as successful.

People like Dr. Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden have talked about this for years. If you can use your emotions to drive your goal, you’re much more likely to reach it. Lipton and Braden have researched consciousness for decades.

They’ve written books and given many talks. Both talk about using intent from the being level to heal, perform psychic powers and even telekinesis – such as moving physical objects with the mind only. This is how powerful intent can be from the being level.

So that’s the first part of using your intent. There’s one more. The next part of intent comes in tricking the larger consciousness system, the computer that generates our simulation, into providing what we want. You could just think of the LCS as our universe too.

Now it’s crucial to know the main reason we are all here is for spiritual growth – really the evolution of our consciousness. That doesn’t always mean getting what you want.

If you want something from a selfish level, like a Lamborghini or a jet plane, and it has nothing to do with increasing your spiritual growth, your chances of attaining it are slim to none. The LCS is just not going to let you have it unless it really matters to the evolution of your consciousness.

As you might agree, most people want something for selfish reasons, which is very understandable. It’s just human nature.

And most desires fall into a few different categories. It’s either money, status, looks, romantic relationships, health or developing some type of skill. When most people desire a thing, they think of themselves only, not other people.

So this is where trick intent comes in. If you only think of yourself, you have a very low probability the LCS will grant your goal. However, if you come at it from the perspective of wanting to help others, then you’re much more likely to attain it.

So instead of the goal being to buy a Lamborghini, you focus your intent on providing value to people. When you give enough value, you’ll be able to buy the Lamborghini. I recognize some of you know this already, but it’s worth restating.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say my goal is to lease my dream car, which costs $500 per month. Suppose I don’t have the money right now. So what can I do to make the money?

Well, I’d find something I’m passionate about that would result in earning the money. I’m good at video editing and I love youtube, so it made sense to make a channel around a subject I know. This could potentially earn me enough to pay the lease each month.

So this can then become my goal. It’s concrete, attainable and many others have done it, which instills me with greater belief.

So I one day created this website and my youtube channel. I then focused a lot of energy on creating fantastic content. I do this with the thought of other in mind first. By posting inspiring videos that entertain and educate, I improve the lives of other people.

When I make my videos, I think of the viewer only and not my own needs – and certainly not the car. Yes, it would be nice to attain the car one day, but for now I focus on the path, not the end goal.

So I begin putting out videos and they get a positive response and help other people. The LCS sees this and basically equates my actions of making videos to something good for the overall system.

I’m lowering the entropy of the entire LCS by giving to other people with little thought to myself. So the LCS rewards me by growing my channel and giving me more viewers, which ultimately results in money.

In a short period of time, maybe a few months, without focusing on the money, I start earning enough to lease my dream car. I then do and it’s a win-win for everyone – me, my viewers, and the LCS.

So you see how intent works? Once you know your goal, you remove your focus off it and put it onto others. I understand not all goals will work like this, like losing weight, which is primarily focused around yourself. But when it comes to making money, you definitely need to focus on other people.

That’s the secret so many techniques miss out on. They tell you to write affirmations of your goal, visualize it and only focus on it. That can move the needle a bit, but not nearly as powerful as the system I just laid out. It works the same way on anything, not just acquiring money.

Now for the second prong of attack, which is reprogramming the subconscious mind. I already went over how we do that. So I want to say a few things that I didn’t before on the subject. First, it’s important to use headphones with binaural beats and customized affirmations. This is because the binaural beats place you into a relaxed state.

The relaxed state is below the beta state, usually in the alpha state or even the theta state. This has to do with the frequency of your brain waves. In alpha or beta, your mind becomes much more accepting of information. The customized subliminal messages then get directed right to the subconscious mind.

I like having customized messages that I create because I can be very specific with them. I suggested subliminal360 for that, but if it’s not in your budget, find the cheapest alternative. For me, the software is well worth the price, as I use it all the time – even now while I write this blog post.

Once you have your subliminal messages set up to flash on your screen and play on your headphones, you should watch and listen to them every day. I think 20 minutes twice a day (morning and night) is good but it can be done more. You can also nap with the headphones on, as I mentioned earlier.

The third and final prong of my approach is consistent action, which should be done in accordance with the two other prongs. This is really the most straight-forward and practical of the three to explain.

You basically need to take physical action every day on your goal. It’s especially important for the first 30 days. This will create a habit of physical action. After 30 days, it will become more painful to stop the action then to continue doing it, which is what you want.

Let’s face it, nothing happens without physically doing something. You can even take a trip to the Himalayas, meditate with the most advanced lamas and believe with all your heart your goal will come true. But it probably won’t. Action is what will manifest things in this reality.

The first two prongs of my formula deal with the mental and emotional. This last one is all physical. Here are three tips to help you with consistent action.

One, set aside blocks of time to work solely on your goal. These could be 30-minute, 60-minute or even four-hour block of time where you don’t look at your phone, go on social media or entertain any distractions. This is really important for doing deep work, which is what gets the most results.

Second, after completing a block of work, provide yourself a small reward. For me, it might be eating something I like, watching TV for a short time, or going on a brief walk. Creating a reward system works well for most people.

Third, schedule your days in advance and always make sure you have time set aside to work on your goal. You want to work on it every day without fail, even if it’s just 30 minutes. This will keep the momentum alive and is vital to succeeding.

So let’s recap. Step one was to create an intent from the being level and then focus on others to provide enough value to attain the money or thing you want. Secondly, watch and listen to subliminal programming to reprogram your subconscious mind. And lastly, take consistent action for at least 30 straight days.

Before I go, I have two pieces of advice that’ll really help you out. First, don’t make any final judgments until the 30 days are over. Focus on the process not the results during that time.

Second, only set your sights on one goal at a time. Don’t try to learn a new language, start a business and train for a triathlon at the same time. Only focus on one thing.

You didn’t hear me mention anything other than making my youtube channel (and this website) successful. The dream car was a hypothetical example. Although I really wouldn’t mind driving around town in a Porsche Boxster with the top down!

Once you attain success in one area of life, you can then move onto another. I already have health and business down. So now I’m putting most of my focus on youtube. That’s how it works.

So, that’s the formula I use to achieve my goals. But remember, it’s the goal that’s so important. It’s the journey and what you learn on the journey that really counts.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes. Failure is merely the opportunity to more intelligently begin again. So if you fall off your horse, get right back on it.

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    Thank you so much your video have helped me tremendously. I currently working on becoming the best version of my self so I can be a positive example for myself and future generations. I struggle with compulsive eating when I take on other people issues . Do you have any suggestions?
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