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Dreams Explained In A Simulated Universe

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So what are dreams and what do dreams mean? Just as importantly, why do we dream and how can we use them to our advantage? I’m going to explore and answer those questions in this post.

If you’ve been following my work, you know I’m a proponent of simulation theory. That means I believe the world we’re living in is simulated. At its base level, it’s a virtual reality where the only thing that’s fundamental is consciousness.

Well, the dream world is not any different. It’s just another virtual reality world for your consciousness to inhabit. How many of you have been in a dream that you thought was completely real? I know most of you would say yes. Some of you even believe the dream world to be even more real than our shared reality.

I was just in a dream last night where I was interacting with my deceased father. He looked and acted differently, but I knew it was him. Towards the end of the dream, I found myself feeling incredible emotions of sadness and I was sobbing so hard in my dream that I awoke.
I discovered tears on my pillows. When I was having my dream, I thought it was completely real. At no time, did I think it wasn’t real or I was in a dream.

Let me just say that according to simulation theory, nothing we experience is truly real. Everything we see, hear, touch, taste and smell is just information being decoded by our consciousness (and our senses) into something tangible – similar to the Matrix movie.

The people imprisoned in the Matrix thought it was completely real and had no idea there was anything outside of it. The dream world is just another virtual reality frame that our consciousness can inhabit – albeit temporarily.

So if the dream world is just as real as our waking reality, why are we the only ones that can experience it? Furthermore, why is it so fluid and malleable, always changing and never really the same night to night?

It’s because we each create our own dream world and we’re typically the only consciousness to access it. Every time we sleep, we dream – yet we forget most of the dreams we have. In each new dream, our mind is constantly making up new scenes for it to inhabit.

And we really do create them. Have you ever seen some of the detail in your dreams? How do our minds make that up on the spot? And where does the lighting come from?

How can our brains, which reside inside a skull that never sees a single photon of light, create a world where everything is lit up? It’s because our minds have the ability to create entire worlds from scratch – and it’s all done through our subconscious. That’s how powerful we really are.

The landscape of the dream world and the things we can do in it, like fly, jump off buildings, or be impaled by a deadly knife or bullet with no pain, is because it possesses a different rule set than our everyday reality.

Our shared everyday world has a rigid rule-set where everything is fixed and physical things and processes don’t change much. If you place your keys on your table, chances are they’ll be there tomorrow. But in the dream world, everything is in flux. Dreams can begin suddenly and end just as quickly and they don’t follow any one particular set of rules.

Another big difference in the dream world is time. Time is way different in our dreams than our everyday world. I can easily tell you this from my own experience, and I’m sure you’ve sensed this as well.

As an example, I used to suffer from a disease that made me really tired in the afternoon, no matter how much sleep I got the night before. Often, I’d be in class or at work and doze off for what had to be no more than 5 to 10 seconds.

Well in that time, I would dream and it felt like weeks, months or even years had passed. Many of my dreams had very long backstories and each person in it had a rich history with me.

I wondered how that could be possible from sleeping only 5 to 10 seconds? Even if I was dreaming for a few minutes, it seems inconceivable. And it wasn’t like I was having the same dream every time.

Each dream was always different. It’s funny, but for many of those dreams I couldn’t remember the details, but they would evoke very strong feelings when I awoke.

So now back to my original questions. Why do we dream and what do they mean? Well, dreaming is a way of working out problems and helping us to learn and grow.

In the real world, we face problem after problem. In dreams, we face challenges too. How we deal with them either evolves the level of our consciousness or doesn’t – just like in real life.

However, in the dream world, we get to make decisions with no consequences. This is one of the best benefits of dreams. We get to experience things that seem real and it forces us to make decisions that we think will seriously affect us.

Now here’s another important thing to consider about dreams. The decisions we make in the dream world almost always come from our being level. That means from who we truly are.

We rarely ever make decisions from our intellect in dreams. In the real world, it’s the opposite; we often make decisions from our intellect. But the dream world is the reverse. You can tell a lot about yourself by the decisions you make in your dreams. If you do genuinely good things in your dreams, you’re a genuinely good person at the being level. And just the opposite is true.

The larger consciousness system (LCS), or the computer that runs our simulation, provides the dreams we experience. Often these dreams will put us in situations that test us.

These dreams challenge us by playing on our ego and fears. If we continually make the wrong decisions, we’ll usually have to experience the same dream over and over.

For example, I’ve had a reoccurring dream for the past 20 years – even well into adulthood – that I’m in my last semester of college and I failed to attend a class or study for the final test. And due to that, I’m going to fail the class and not get to graduate.

I’m now in my 40s and still get this dream sometimes. I’m certain it’s because I had this actual experience when in college and I’m still allowing my fear to overwhelm me in my dream. However, once we pass the test in a dream, we usually don’t get it again unless the LCS feels that we’ve regressed.

In that case, the dream may present itself again just to make sure we’re still over our fear. Remember, dreams are not here to haunt us or scare us. They exist to help us learn and evolve the quality of our consciousness.

So to finally pose the grand question, what do dreams mean? Well, often dreams don’t have a profound meaning. But what I mean they’re now warning you of impending danger, predicting the future, or bringing you treasured knowledge.

Instead, our dreams are a place from where we can continue to learn, make decisions and evolve. As Tom Campbell says, we’re here to work and even in sleep we’re trying to evolve the level of our consciousness.

Keep in mind though, dreams are definitely influenced by our everyday reality. If you lack something, like friends or intimacy, you’re more likely to dream about those things.

If you have certain fears or worries, you’ll likely experience them in your dreams as well. Can dreams predict the future? For some people, yes. But it’s rare someone will have a dream about the future and it comes true.

I mean think about it. You probably have over a dozen dreams a night. That’s almost 100 dreams in an 8-day period. How many can you even remember? And even fewer have anything to do with the future.

The main take away is that dreams are just another virtual reality. And it’s as real as our world when we’re in it. Our dreams assist our evolution and help us work out challenges and overcome blocks.

The ruleset and the laws of time are way more fluid in the dream world. Almost always, we don’t even complete our dreams because the dream is there just to teach us something.

When that lesson is learned, the dream ends and we begin a new one. That’s the way it works. So don’t fear your dreams.
Work on continuing to evolve the level of your consciousness. By making good, loving choices in our everyday world, you’ll slowly improve the quality of your dreams, as they’re often a reflection of your true being level.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and found it insightful. Let me know if you agree or disagree with my thoughts on dreams. I’d love to know your opinion.

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  1. Meh
    | Reply

    Hi I stumbled on your website . XD only because I had a crazy crazy dream. That I seen the universe get remade. I was with a god/demigod. I felt safe. Now I’m in a new place. Now when I tried to look up this Google tried to make the universe seem like a bad thing. I just think I’m changing or something?

  2. John Nguyen
    | Reply

    Hi there, just wanted to reach out to see if I could get your contact information as I think it would be nice to talk to you more about the larger consciousness system. I think we have a lot of mutual interests. Also, please correct me if I’m wrong, but I have a memory that you might have had a picture of the larger consciousness system at one point on your Youtube channel (possibly at the end of some video), but I don’t see it anymore. Is this true? I’m trying to find an image that can depict what I’ve seen, but I can’t really find anything online.

  3. Louise Trimble
    | Reply

    I especially appreciated the insight on the kind of person we really are as being mirrored in our dreams. I had so many nightmares as a child and young person, probably a normal thing as a result of being back here again! But I have always been a seeker, and now my dreams reflect that more and more! I resonated with your toilet dream.We all have those as we try to hide our inner and outer refuse from others!

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